About Me

I am a seasoned public radio professional who has a deep love for strategizing and planning content.

In my time at Community Radio for Northern Colorado, I hosted every program KUNC offers, as well as hosting for The Colorado Sound for the first two years after it's creation. I spent ample time producing content from newscast material to branding, development, and messaging campaigns. I produced the Get Involved series for several years, started Colorado Edition as a podcast that turned into a weekly show, and is now a daily show, and started a couple music related podcasts for The Colorado Sound.

Currently I am looking for work after a job elimination because of restructuring and am available for full time and contract work in marketing, content, public relations, and broadcast fields.

In my free time I can usually be found at concerts, out hunting for new books and vinyl, at a local greenhouse getting excited about new plants, at REI drooling over outdoor gear, or actually outdoors with my husband and son. I am a huge fan of creative hobbies and collecting the material needed to do said hobbies. 

If you want to know more about me and are interested in collaborating on your next project, send me an email:


  • Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer 

  • Certified Radio Operator

  • Public Radio Professional 

  • Trained in Voice 

  • Top-Notch Audio Engineer and Audio Editor 

  • Highly Skilled Audio, Visual, and Written Content Creator

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